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Let us remember that the story of the Goddess is our story—it is a story of love and healing, birth and death, renewal and evolutionary change—and without the Mother to give birth to a new world, we have no future.

Our world right now is in urgent need of the strong, loving presence and guidance of the Sacred Feminine. The Great Mother reminds us that a brighter future is indeed possible—even in these troubled times. Isabella Price’s masterfully written and comprehensive GODDESS POWER: AWAKENING THE WISDOM OF THE DIVINE FEMININE IN YOUR LIFE (Mango Publishing, October, 2017) takes readers on an empowering journey into the heart of the Goddess traditions, inviting us to learn the rich history and wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine /Goddess in her numerous manifestations. GODDESS POWER explores Goddess symbols, stories, and key themes, as well as offers valuable spiritual insights on the role the Goddess plays in people’s lives today.

Using her own experiences as a spiritual scholar, educator and a leading authority in Comparative Religion, and the Feminine Face of the Divine, in GODDESS POWER, Price:

  • Reveals why the wisdom of the Goddess/Divine Feminine has been ignored, distorted, and oppressed for centuries;
  • Examines how archetypes, mythic narratives, and qualities of Goddesses are alive within us and how they can serve as empowering guides in our personal and professional lives;
  • Explores the importance of re-establishing a healthy balance and integration of both the “masculine” and the “feminine” archetypes;
  • Expresses why especially black Goddesses/dark-skinned Mothers (e.g., Kali or Black Madonna) are a powerful symbol and catalyst for change in our times.

At the root of our cultural challenges lies the imbalance between the “masculine” and the “feminine.” Most of our political, economic, and religious institutions have, for a very long time, been shaped by what Price calls the “unhealthy masculine” or patriarchal values of conquest, domination, control, competition, authoritarian power structures, dualistic thinking or separation between “us” and “them,” “me” and “the other,” “winners” and “losers”. As a result of this socio-cultural conditioning, many of us have adopted these patriarchal patterns and values as “the way things just are and always have been.” These unconscious assumptions and beliefs shape the way we think, speak, and act for the most part. But are they based on true historical facts? According to Price, at the dawn of religion, God was female. She explains that the notion of God as archetypal “Sky-Father” is fairly recent in Western culture.

Price’s GODDESS POWER presents an inspirational message on how we can evolve toward higher consciousness by re-establishing a healthy balance and integration of both the “masculine” and the “feminine” (qualities in both men and women) to restore the Earth, heal ourselves, and guide us toward the next stage of our collective evolution.

Find empowerment, guidance, and spiritual awakening through the Divine Feminine with
GODDESS POWER — the surprising and inspiring book everyone needs to rediscover the power of the Goddess within them!

Creation Myths Across Cultures
Visions of the End

Are you tired of the intolerance and conflicts among religions and cultures that we have witnessed for so long? And is this not a tragedy given that religions all share the same essential truths?

What, then, are the principles that form a unifying bond among the world religions?

One Truth, Many Paths is a book series on the world’s wisdom traditions that demonstrates how personal inspiration and truth can be equally found in all religions. This book series leads you on an extensive, insightful, and at times surprising journey across cultures, allowing you to discover the “unity-within-diversity” of the religious traditions. This rich unity is to be found in:

  • common ethical values
  • a shared mystical-spiritual core
  • a universal legacy of symbols (e.g., World Tree) and mythic tales (e.g., archetypal savior-hero) that have shaped our own understanding as humans and how we relate to the Divine up to this day

One Truth, Many Paths reveals all this and also considers each religion’s unique characteristics and historical-cultural context.

In addition, One Truth, Many Paths honors indigenous traditions as well as the Sacred Feminine and its myriad of manifestations across cultures. This book series introduces you to “the other side of the official story” that is all too often still ignored.

And, have you ever wondered what the perception of the Hindu goddess Kali as a “demon” has in common with the characterization of Islam as a “religion of the sword” prone to terrorism? These are examples of widespread stereotypes and misconceptions that One Truth, Many Paths challenges.

On the other hand, what do the different notions of the Divine that have evolved over time reveal to us? And, why are there so many different perceptions of Jesus Christ by people who all call themselves Christians? One Truth, Many Paths also addresses such questions.

One Truth, Many Paths weaves all this and much more into a cross-cultural tapestry of the human quest for Spirit. This book series builds trust and fosters a deeper understanding within multicultural communities, organizations, and the culturally diverse workplace.



Isabella Price

One of the preeminent scholars of women’s spirituality today, Isabella Price is a professor of Spirituality and Comparative Religion at John F. Kennedy University in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has taught at many other educational institutions, including the California College of the Arts. Price is the author of the “One Truth, Many Paths” book series on the world’s wisdom traditions, which includes Goddess Power, Jesus Christ: The Love and Wisdom of a First-Century Mystic and In the Beginning: Creation Myths Across Cultures. She holds an MA in the humanities from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. A certified SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence coach, Price also teaches meditation to veterans suffering from PTSD and other community members. For more information, please visit her website at: www.onetruth-manypaths.com

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