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Isabella Price

Isabella Price, MA, is an international speaker, higher education professional, and the author of the "One Truth, Many Paths" book series on unitive spirituality. She teaches the "World Spirituality" course at JFK University in the Consciousness and Transformative Studies program. For over 25 years, Isabella has been offering classes and workshops at universities, colleges, adult education centers, and various religious venues. Her presentations have helped thousands of participants to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures and religious traditions. The positive feedback she received over the years has motivated her to write the "One Truth, Many Paths" book series. Isabella has traveled extensively and participated in numerous rituals from diverse wisdom traditions. She holds an MA in the humanities from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She is also a certified SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence coach and teaches meditation to veterans suffering from PTSD and other community members.

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The Dark-Skinned Goddess

At the dawn of religion, God was a Woman. The Dark Goddess is the primordial Mother, the great creative matrix. Her Spirit hovered over the primeval waters and her cosmic womb gave birth to solar flares, swirling planets, atoms, cells and all of life. She is the ever-unfolding creative life force and the ecstatic dancer on the cremation grounds. She is the first and the last…She is the Paleolithic Mother carved at the entrance of rock shelters 25’000 years ago. She is the Neolithic Bird and Snake Goddess. In Egypt, she was worshipped as the “Queen of Heaven” and “Savior of the Human Race.” In ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), the king was wedded ritually to the high priestess viewed as an incarnation of the great goddess Inanna/Ishtar. The Sacred Marriage rite held the promise of a plentiful harvest and ensured the cyclical renewal of nature and all of life. This…Continue Reading

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