Isabella Price brings us a fresh, clear, contemporary vision of the “unity-in-diversity” of the world’s religious traditions. In her book series One Truth, Many Paths she touches upon the universal truths and patterns running through the great religions, including indigenous spirituality. Her sensitivity testifies to her not only having studied at depth; it also expresses the greater understanding of having personally walked these noble paths.
  — Reverend David McArthur, Senior Minister, Unity of Walnut Creek

Isabella Price’s One Truth, Many Paths book series debut is an impressive scholarly work and a genuine contribution to the field of comparative religion and spirituality. She takes an innovative and insightful interfaith perspective, finding common resonances among the religious traditions. Her guiding vision of revealing the underlying unity at the core of the wisdom traditions – while also acknowledging distinctive and unique features of each tradition – is very timely. A must-read!
  –William Garrett, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy, John F. Kennedy University

In her book series One Truth, Many Paths on the world’s wisdom traditions, Isabella Price focuses less on what separates us but rather on what draws us together. Her work suggests that what unites us in our basic humanness is infinitely greater that what divides us. This is what establishes the foundation for World Peace. Isabella also acknowledges and honors the Divine Feminine by clearly showing us the thread running through the religious traditions that gives new significance to its role and functions across cultures. As a teacher of Truth Principles from an interfaith perspective, One Truth, Many Paths could easily become my bible.
  –Sheila Gautreaux, Minister, Teacher, Speaker; Author of Praying Through a Storm and Messages

Isabella Price offers a fresh, insightful perspective on the world’s religions. She invites us to find inspiration for our own unique faith journey. And she reminds us all what we have in common with each other within our diverse faith journeys, while still maintaining integrity within our personal understanding of truth.
  –Reverend John Anderson, St. John’s Presbyterian Church, San Francisco CA

Today, many people admire Jesus Christ and feel close ties to his person, life, and message – yet they have no connection with any Christian Church. Isabella Price’s Jesus Christ: The Love and Wisdom of a First-Century Mystic – which is part of her broader One Truth, Many Paths series on unitive spirituality – is a fine example of books expressing this attitude. Churched and un-churched readers may be equally grateful to Isabella for her reverent and bold exploration of Jesus’ teachings.
  –Brother David Steindl-Rast OSB, founder of gratefulness.org, bestselling author of Essential Writings and Common Sense Spirituality: The Essential Wisdom of David Steindl-Rast