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Invocation of the Mother

You are the cosmic womb birthing solar flares,

swirling planets, stardust, atoms, and cells.

You are the beauty and majesty of the Earth,

The leaf, plant, mountain, lake, cave, river, ocean,

fur, wing, claw, feather, fang, blood and tears.

You are the fertile seed and the apple tree,

the ever-abundant source of nurturance

giving without discrimination.

You are the breath of life infusing all existence,

the ever-flowing wellspring soothing our thirsty lips

and healing our yearning hearts from the wounds of separation.

You guide us through the crucible of transformation

so that we may dive into the depths of our being

and come to understand that death makes life possible.

You are the fierce fire burning to ashes

what does not serve us any longer

so that we may see with the inner eye,

rising up yet again, against all odds.

You are the ever-unfolding creative life force

and the ecstatic dancer on the cremation grounds.

You are the Mother of this temporal world

revealing the Mystery beyond birth and death.

You…Continue Reading

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The Meaning of the Sacred Marriage for Our Times

The Sacred Marriage rite uniting the female and the male has roots that likely go back to prehistoric times, although little archaeological evidence exists. The earliest description of the rite dates to the early third millennium BCE based on written records of ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). In this rite, the king was wedded ritually to the high priestess, who was believed to be an incarnation of the great Goddess Inanna/Ishtar, the “Queen of Heaven,” who was thought to descend to earth for this special occasion. The songs of courtship between the king and the Goddess reveal that the primary purpose of this sacred union was to ensure the cyclical renewal of nature and an abundant harvest for the people. However, we may also note that Inanna/Ishtar was not only viewed as a goddess who guaranteed the continued welfare of her community, but also as the source of the king’s power…Continue Reading

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Journey into the Heart of the Great Mother

She is calling me and always has. She has been my intuitive guide and steady support, holding me in her one infinite embrace of love whenever I needed it the most. I must have felt her presence when I was a little girl growing up in Switzerland. My mother came from a traditional Italian family and hence dragged me to mass on most Sundays. Being the good little girl that I was then, I felt obliged to join her until my early adolescence. However, as a child I could not relate to the words I heard during mass. The rituals felt somewhat sterile, lacking vitality. For some reasons, I felt much more drawn to the statue of Mother Mary. I remember that I would often look up at her in awe and wonderment. Wrapped in her turquoise mantle and adorned with her crown of golden stars, she exuded a loving,…Continue Reading

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The Return of the Goddess in our Culture

The Goddess is making a major comeback in our culture… She shows up as the cat goddess Bast in the movie Black Panther. Bast offers the vision of a heart-shaped herb granting superpowers to the warrior-shaman who eventually becomes king, the first Black Panther and hero-protector of the fictional African nation Wakanda. And she is Diana, the compassionate super-heroine in the movie Wonder Woman. As a descendent of a race of immortal super-women based on the Greek myth of the Amazons, Diana grows up in the fictional nation of Themyscira. Located on a magical Paradise island, Themyscira has been left untouched by the hostile male-dominated world. Eventually, Diana sets out on a mission to save humanity from the ravages of World War I, the war that was supposed to end all wars… Utterly oblivious of patriarchal gender roles at a time of strict societal norms, Diana pursues her noble goal…Continue Reading

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When She Was God

When She Was God

When we look at notions of the Divine in most of organized religion today, more often than not God is viewed exclusively as the archetypal “Sky Father” high up in the heavens above us and even against us, if we do not abide by “his” laws…

Yet if we go back to the prehistoric period, we can see that our ancestors worshipped a great Mother Goddess who is found at the entrance of rock shelters, carved out of stone more than 20,000 years ago. After the transition to farming and the domestication of animals a few thousand years later, the Goddess was often associated with animals, most notably birds, fish, and snakes. And after 3000 BCE, in the scriptures of ancient Egypt and Babylonia, the great Goddess was praised as the “Sustainer of all Life” and the “Queen of Heaven” – a title later attributed to Mother Mary…Continue Reading

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How does the #MeToo movement relate to the Goddess?

The recent uprising in social media of the #MeToo movement has brought to light the pervasive denigration of the feminine. Thousands of women (and men too) have come forward with their stories of rape, abuse, and misogyny.

I believe that abusive sexual behavior patterns of (mostly) males generally reflect a deep psychological wounding and a profound disconnect/alienation from their true Self and everything else. These dysfunctional patterns cannot be healed unless males are being taught at an early age to view women’s womb/bodies (and, by extension, the body of Mother Earth) as sacred and as deserving of respect, to say the least. This would also have to include transformative spiritual practices and teachings that allow for a healthy (or healthier) balance and integration of the values of the Divine Feminine (cooperation, partnership, creativity, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and a more nurturing and life-affirming attitude in general).

When we look at the…Continue Reading

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Why do we need the Goddess/Divine Feminine?

Our world is out of balance. We are faced with political power abuse, economic inequality, armed conflicts, environmental devastation, racism, sexual abuse, and the list continues… At the root of our problems lies the imbalance between masculine and feminine. This imbalance is apparent not only in the social standing of men and women, but in the archetypal values and qualities each domain provides our society.

In challenging times like these, we urgently need the strong presence and wise guidance of the Great Mother who lovingly holds us through these dark nights of our collective soul. The Mother reminds us that a brighter future is indeed possible — even now. She asks us to “be the change” and to speak truth to power in alignment with our highest values.

Without addressing the essential missing piece of the Divine Feminine/Goddess we cannot reach wholeness, individually or collectively. And we cannot come into…Continue Reading

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The Dark-Skinned Goddess

At the dawn of religion, God was a Woman. The Dark Goddess is the primordial Mother, the great creative matrix. Her Spirit hovered over the primeval waters and her cosmic womb gave birth to solar flares, swirling planets, atoms, cells and all of life. She is the ever-unfolding creative life force and the ecstatic dancer on the cremation grounds. She is the first and the last…She is the Paleolithic Mother carved at the entrance of rock shelters 25’000 years ago. She is the Neolithic Bird and Snake Goddess. In Egypt, she was worshipped as the “Queen of Heaven” and “Savior of the Human Race.” In ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), the king was wedded ritually to the high priestess viewed as an incarnation of the great goddess Inanna/Ishtar. The Sacred Marriage rite held the promise of a plentiful harvest and ensured the cyclical renewal of nature and all of life. This…Continue Reading

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