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Invocation of the Mother

You are the cosmic womb birthing solar flares,

swirling planets, stardust, atoms, and cells.

You are the beauty and majesty of the Earth,

The leaf, plant, mountain, lake, cave, river, ocean,

fur, wing, claw, feather, fang, blood and tears.

You are the fertile seed and the apple tree,

the ever-abundant source of nurturance

giving without discrimination.

You are the breath of life infusing all existence,

the ever-flowing wellspring soothing our thirsty lips

and healing our yearning hearts from the wounds of separation.

You guide us through the crucible of transformation

so that we may dive into the depths of our being

and come to understand that death makes life possible.

You are the fierce fire burning to ashes

what does not serve us any longer

so that we may see with the inner eye,

rising up yet again, against all odds.

You are the ever-unfolding creative life force

and the ecstatic dancer on the cremation grounds.

You are the Mother of this temporal world

revealing the Mystery beyond birth and death.

You are the evolutionary catalyst behind all change,

the ultimate sacred activist,

sustaining repair and healing for all people –

regardless of social status, race, gender, or religious affiliation.

You are the Mother of this finite world,

holding all the paradoxes and secrets

hidden in the fertile dark of difficult nights

in your one infinite embrace.

You are the benevolent and the terrifying,

the honored and the scorned,

the vilified and the holy,

the wife and the virgin,

the mother and the daughter.

Your story is our story.

It is the story of love and healing,

birth and death,

renewal and change.

-Isabella Price

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