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Why do we need the Goddess/Divine Feminine?

Our world is out of balance. We are faced with political power abuse, economic inequality, armed conflicts, environmental devastation, racism, sexual abuse, and the list continues… At the root of our problems lies the imbalance between masculine and feminine. This imbalance is apparent not only in the social standing of men and women, but in the archetypal values and qualities each domain provides our society.

In challenging times like these, we urgently need the strong presence and wise guidance of the Great Mother who lovingly holds us through these dark nights of our collective soul. The Mother reminds us that a brighter future is indeed possible — even now. She asks us to “be the change” and to speak truth to power in alignment with our highest values.

Without addressing the essential missing piece of the Divine Feminine/Goddess we cannot reach wholeness, individually or collectively. And we cannot come into balance with the Earth. Without the Goddess to give birth to a new world, we have no future. Let us remember that the story of the Goddess is our story – it is a story of love and healing, birth and death, renewal and evolutionary change…

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Isabella Price

One of the preeminent scholars of women’s spirituality today, Isabella Price is a professor of Spirituality and Comparative Religion at John F. Kennedy University in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has taught at many other educational institutions, including the California College of the Arts. Price is the author of the “One Truth, Many Paths” book series on the world’s wisdom traditions, which includes Goddess Power, Jesus Christ: The Love and Wisdom of a First-Century Mystic and In the Beginning: Creation Myths Across Cultures. She holds an MA in the humanities from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. A certified SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence coach, Price also teaches meditation to veterans suffering from PTSD and other community members. For more information, please visit her website at: www.onetruth-manypaths.com

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