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Goddess Power: Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine in Your Life

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Press Release | Suggested Talking Points | Q&A with Isabella Price
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Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine in Your Life


Foreword by Anodea Judith, PhD
Bestselling author of Wheels of Life

ISBN: 978-1-63353-673-9; Paperback; 236 Pages; $16.95 Mango Publishing, October 2017


“I firmly believe that a viable and sustainable future for humanity will only be possible with a healthy balance and integration of both the masculine and the feminine at this critical evolutionary threshold. We need to reclaim the sacred in both masculine and feminine and bring them together in cooperative partnership, as equal partners in the dance of co-creating our future.”
—Isabella Price


Let us remember that the story of the Goddess is our story—it is a story of love and healing, birth and death, renewal and evolutionary change—and without the Mother to give birth to a new world, we have no future.

Our world right now is in urgent need of the strong, loving presence and guidance of the Sacred Feminine. The Great Mother reminds us that a brighter future is indeed possible—even in these troubled times. Isabella Price’s masterfully written and comprehensive GODDESS POWER: AWAKENING THE WISDOM OF THE DIVINE FEMININE IN YOUR LIFE (Mango Publishing, October, 2017) takes readers on an empowering journey into the heart of the Goddess traditions, inviting us to learn the rich history and wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine /Goddess in her numerous manifestations. GODDESS POWER explores Goddess symbols, stories, and key themes, as well as offers valuable spiritual insights on the role the Goddess plays in people’s lives today.

Using her own experiences as a spiritual scholar, educator and a leading authority in Comparative Religion, and the Feminine Face of the Divine, in GODDESS POWER, Price:

  • Reveals why the wisdom of the Goddess/Divine Feminine has been ignored, distorted, and oppressed for centuries;
  • Examines how archetypes, mythic narratives, and qualities of Goddesses are alive within us and how they can serve as empowering guides in our personal and professional lives;
  • Explores the importance of re-establishing a healthy balance and integration of both the “masculine” and the “feminine” archetypes;
  • Expresses why especially black Goddesses/dark-skinned Mothers (e.g., Kali or Black Madonna) are a powerful symbol and catalyst for change in our times.

At the root of our cultural challenges lies the imbalance between the “masculine” and the “feminine.” Most of our political, economic, and religious institutions have, for a very long time, been shaped by what Price calls the “unhealthy masculine” or patriarchal values of conquest, domination, control, competition, authoritarian power structures, dualistic thinking or separation between “us” and “them,” “me” and “the other,” “winners” and “losers”. As a result of this socio-cultural conditioning, many of us have adopted these patriarchal patterns and values as “the way things just are and always have been.” These unconscious assumptions and beliefs shape the way we think, speak, and act for the most part. But are they based on true historical facts? According to Price, at the dawn of religion, God was female. She explains that the notion of God as archetypal “Sky-Father” is fairly recent in Western culture.

Price’s GODDESS POWER presents an inspirational message on how we can evolve toward higher consciousness by re-establishing a healthy balance and integration of both the “masculine” and the “feminine” (qualities in both men and women) to restore the Earth, heal ourselves, and guide us toward the next stage of our collective evolution.

Find empowerment, guidance, and spiritual awakening through the Divine Feminine with
GODDESS POWER — the surprising and inspiring book everyone needs to rediscover the power of the Goddess within them!

Advanced Praise for Goddess Power

Goddess Power is a fascinating “herstory” of the Divine Feminine…Intelligent and well-researched book … [an] urgently needed guide to move us toward the next stage of our collective evolution.”
—Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling author of Calling in “The One”

“This book speaks to a whole new generation of women who seek to know the energies of the Goddess or Divine Feminine. Bless Isabella for carrying on this sacred lineage of priestesses around the world.”
—Vicki Noble, co-creator of Motherpeace Tarot, author of Shakti Woman

Goddess Power is groundbreaking, highly accessible 21st- century scholarship.”
—Saniel Bonder, author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, and The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart

“… A substantial read filled with profound insights on the Divine Feminine/Goddess.”
—Anodea Judith, PhD, Bestselling author of Wheels of Life

Suggested Talking Points for Isabella Price

  1. What is the Divine Feminine/Goddess?
  2. Who are some of the more well-known Goddesses in our culture?
  3. Why is the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine so important at this time?
  4. What are some examples of how archetypes and qualities of Goddesses are alive within us, and can these qualities serve as powerful guides in our personal and professional life?
  5. How does the Goddess express herself in both women and men?
  6. Why has the wisdom of the Goddess/Divine Feminine been ignored, oppressed and/or distorted for centuries?
  7. How do you think the wisdom of Goddess teachings help to address and/or heal dysfunctional behavior patterns such as sexual abuse of women by men?
  8. Most forms of organized religion today worship God exclusively as “Sky Father.” Has God always been viewed as a “Father”?
  9. Please offer a brief overview of “God as a Woman” with examples from different cultures and religious traditions (primary symbols, themes, qualities, etc.)
  10. How are our expressions of creativity related to the Goddess/Divine Feminine?
  11. What can dark-skinned Mother goddesses teach us at this time of great change?
  12. How do some of the representations of the Sacred Feminine in Christianity (Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene) compare to examples from other religious traditions?
  13. What is the deeper meaning of the ancient “Sacred Marriage” rite for our times?
  14. What are the potential pitfalls related to the concept of the Divine Feminine?

Q & A with Isabella Price

What is the Divine Feminine/Goddess?

The Divine Feminine at its source is one. Yet the Goddess is known by innumerable names and manifestations across the world’s cultures. Many of these conceptions are mysterious and seemingly paradoxical. Some manifestations show the Goddess as the benevolent, nurturing Mother; others represent her as the fierce and even terrifying Mother who dances on the cremation grounds. The Divine Feminine has been honored and worshiped as the Virgin Mary, Diana, Cerridwen, Hecate, Pele, Inanna, Athena, Demeter, Sarasvati, Kuan Yin, Brigid, Yemaya, Tara, Kali, Asherah, Isis and White Buffalo Calf Woman, to mention just a few. But beneath these many different faces, aspects, and symbols we find the enduring essence of the Divine Feminine, which is always the same.

No matter how she may appear to us, the way of the great Mother is ultimately always rooted in the Power of Love and the Supreme Truth. If we sincerely invoke her assistance, we can always trust her loving, unwavering guidance. Let us remember that the story of the Goddess in our story – it is a story of love and healing, birth and death, renewal and evolutionary change… And it is the Mother of the Universe who holds the key for this new vision of a brighter future for humanity.

Why is the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine so important at this time?

We are now collectively going through this dark night of the soul with its fair share of suffering and loss, as we can see everywhere. Yet we also need to remember that it is often in suffering and in the darkness that we can gain illumination and wisdom.

After millennia of suppression of the Divine Feminine—as a result of the increasingly patriarchal paradigms that emerged in all systems of organized religion across the cultural spectrum—the Goddess is once again becoming a powerful symbol for what is most needed in our modern and postmodern times. Our world is out of balance. Humanity faces serious crises and challenges: political power abuse, wars, economic inequality, social conflicts, environmental devastation, racism, sexual abuse, and the list goes on. As result, we are in need of the wisdom of the Divine Feminine to guide us.

When we look at the teachings of all the Goddess wisdom traditions, we can see that the following values are honored: cooperation (creating “win-win” situations), partnership, inclusivity, creativity, playfulness, sustainability, peaceful resolution of conflict, responsible stewardship of natural resources, and a generally more nurturing, caring, and supportive environment that takes our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing into consideration. In the Goddess traditions, all expressions of life are viewed as intrinsically sacred — everything is connected or interrelated in the great web of life. Spirit and flesh (and by extension the body and nature) are viewed as ONE. We are talking here about a more holistic and brighter vision for the future of humanity — a future that is rooted in Goddess values.

How can the Goddess help us make sense of what’s going on in the world today?

Of course, there are reasons and a deeper purpose underlying all the chaos, upheaval, and conflicts that we witness in the world today. A deeper understanding of the Goddess wisdom teachings can definitely help us to make (more) sense of it all and shed some light on the current situation. A good example for this are the dark-skinned Mother Goddesses across cultures. As I see it, they are powerful symbols and also a major catalyst for the changes that are currently underway on the planet.


Isabella Price